How do we make our apartment buildings more sustainable?

No one person has all the answers - but collectively we as owners have all the answers.

No two buildings are the same - but each one can learn from others.

What does a "Green" building look like?

There are two 'standards' for building new sustainable apartment buildings and complexes – one voluntary, one mandatory. While some of the options are not possible to retrofit to existing buildings, they do give us insight into what is possible.

Recent News & Information

Strata apartments and the water trap

Category: Water


A new alliance of companies has developed a program to overcome the hurdles of reducing water wastage in strata-titled apartments.

City of Sydney Environmental Grants


Owners corporations are now eligible for new environmental grants from the City of Sydney Council - for water efficiency projects, energy audits and demonstration projects.

How to green your strata building


As more Australians start to live in strata buildings, and power bills rise, the business case for improving the energy efficiency and overall sustainability of these properties is becoming more compelling.

Record solar system retrofitted on Melbourne highrise

Category: Energy


A new record has been set for a Melbourne apartment block solar retrofit, with a Docklands highrise tapping a city council rebate for its 190-panel, 47kW system – set to cost its 290 owners $230 each.

New report on Economics of Gas/Electric Appliances

Category: Energy


A new report from the Alternative Technology Association – Are We Still Cooking with Gas? – aims to understand the impacts of anticipated retail gas prices and to identify cost-effective alternatives.

It answers questions such as:

  • Is gas still a cheap energy to use?
  • Under what circumstances should you consider switching from gas to efficient electric appliances? 
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