How do we make our apartment buildings more sustainable?

No one person has all the answers - but collectively we as owners have all the answers.

No two buildings are the same - but each one can learn from others.

What does a "Green" building look like?

There are two 'standards' for building new sustainable apartment buildings and complexes – one voluntary, one mandatory. While some of the options are not possible to retrofit to existing buildings, they do give us insight into what is possible.

Recent News & Information

Guide to Installing Solar PV

Category: Energy


The Clean Energy Council has released a solar power guide for consumers that details a seven-step process to help select the ideal solar system.

James Cook Uni develops strata property cyclone resilience scheme

Category: Materials


An independent engineering inspection scheme to estimate the resilience of strata-title properties to cyclones has been developed by James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station.

Challenges for ventilation and thermal comfort in high rise residential

Category: Energy


Two experts in the field discuss the issue of heating, ventilation and airconditioning in very tall residential buildings.

Green Roofs and Walls Inspiration Guide


The City of Sydney has published the Green Roofs and Walls Inspiration Guide to help you decide on the best option for your circumstances.

Amendments to NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)


Two new ESS Rules were gazetted on 30 May 2014:

  • The Energy Savings Scheme (Amendment No. 1) Rule 2014, commencing on 1 June 2014;
  • The Energy Savings Scheme (Amendment No. 2) Rule 2014, commencing on 1 July 2014

The first only makes changes to the Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula Method and the second impacts almost every area of the Energy Savings Scheme

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