How do we make our apartment buildings more sustainable?

No one person has all the answers - but collectively we as owners have all the answers.

No two buildings are the same - but each one can learn from others.

What does a "Green" building look like?

There are two 'standards' for building new sustainable apartment buildings and complexes – one voluntary, one mandatory. While some of the options are not possible to retrofit to existing buildings, they do give us insight into what is possible.

Recent News & Information

Lighting Efficiency Seminar

Category: Energy

Topic: lighting


North Sydney Council is holding a free lighting efficiency seminar on Wednesday 2nd March, 2016. The seminar is the first stage of the council's My Green Apartment program.

Re-cycle: Give old bikes a new life

Topic: bicycles


At Title Magazine they think every strata block with a bike store should hold a regular audit of who owns what bikes and then pass any unclaimed cycles on to charities that can use them to make a huge difference to other people’s lives.

Sustainability and quality top wish list for Victorian apartments


Daylight, space, natural ventilation, noise reduction, and energy and resource efficiency are the top five things Victorians want from their apartments, according to feedback on the state government’s Better Apartments discussion paper.

City of Melbourne: Rooftop Project


Thousands of hectares of Melbourne’s roof space is ripe for solar, green roof and cool roof installations, a City of Melbourne mapping project has revealed. The Rooftop Project involved analysis of aerial photography to understand which roof spaces would be ideal for green roofs, cool roofs and solar PV installations.

How apartments can reduce their energy and water footprint


Whether your whole strata committee is on board or not, there are still plenty of things apartment dwellers can do to reduce energy and water bills and carbon emissions, according to Ethan Burns, managing director of Sustainability Now

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